ARKSUR PLANNING provides a global planning service for the Project development process that covers the following phases:

  • The project must achieve a balance between design and functionality, responding to customer needs.
  • The installations in a building of this nature are so important that they become the key to achieving user comfort. It is essential that they fulfill the functions for which they were designed being are reliable, durable, and easily maintainable.
  • Management and supervision of construction works, as well as technical advice. The development of the work is adapted to the complexity of each project, coordinating all the stakeholders to achieve perfect economic control, execution time, quality, and risks.
  • Technical assistance during the operation of the building. The daily operation of the building requires a rapid technical response that allows its adaptation to the new functional and technological needs that arise throughout its useful life. Thus, we have the necessary means for the development of any type of renovation or extension project required.


We offer technical assistance during the execution of the works, consultancy in national and international tenders and the study and review of technical offers, BOQ and cost estimation.

In each service, the following differentiating aspects are taken care of and offered:

  • Development of the project at all levels.
  • Analysis of client needs and expectations.
  • Project planning defining activities and milestones since its inception, achieving optimal control of deadlines, costs, and quality; and specifying decision-making deadlines at all levels. Therefore the architecture, engineering, installation of furniture and equipment are perfectly coordinated.
  • Coordination of all the stakeholders involved in the project.
  • Extensive experience and specialization of the technical team.
  • Consideration of energy efficiency and sustainability strategies.
  • Flexible solutions for easy adaptation to possible future changes.
  • Management of the commissioning both at a technical and administrative level.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of results.
  • The conception of the project as a whole.
  • Loyalty with our clients.


Nowadays, laboratories are highly competitive technology and business centers, so an efficient design is essential to achieve an optimal rationalization of processes, achieving lower costs.

More than 10 years of experience

For more than ten years, the experience of our consultants has developed an important qualitative and quantitative growth. The lab planners team provides design and project management services with the necessary quality, safety, and functionality, achieving an efficient and effective product, capable of optimizing the research and scientific productivity. 

Real needs and expectations

To achieve the best results, we carry out the data collection and determine the set of needs and expectations. The laboratory is projected intervening in the provision of efficient installations, specific equipment, and furniture. The project, the work and the commissioning of the facility are planned and coordinated, holding interactive work sessions between the different stakeholders.

Laboratories capable of developing current and future research

We design dynamic, flexible laboratories with an exclusive identity, capable of developing the current and future research with the aim of promoting scientific interaction and teamwork. We are committed to innovative solutions, allowing their easy transformation with the minimum economic and activity repercussions. Additionally, environmental aspects and the sustainable use of resources are taken into consideration.


We lead, execute, and manage all the necessary processes to create your new idea. We advise and accompany you from the beginning, designing every detail and shaping your needs.

Our services include, among others, the modification of the distribution, bathrooms, new installations, carpentry work, coatings, furniture, lights, blinds and curtains, bioclimatic pergolas, awnings, and everything necessary to complete your idea. We carry out the turnkey project, with a fixed price adapted to your budget.

If you are looking for a unique image for your home or business, we have the human resources and technical means necessary to materialize the design project you are waiting for.


We work on the best real estate solution for our clients, customizing the management in each case, both for an approach from the investment point of view and from the exploitation and assets management.

  • Advice on the sale of real estate properties
  • Personalized search for real estate assets: land, offices, retail, industrial, hotel, community services, residential
  • Technical feasibility studies, valuations, and appraisals
  • Advice on the conservation status of the property
  • Contracting of the work by means of competition, including specifications, comparatives, reports, negotiation and contract proposal
  • Licenses management and administrative authorizations