The Corporate Responsibility Policy of Arksur Planning is based on a global management of the possible impacts derived from the exercise of its activity, based on the following principles of action:


  • Promote the best corporate governance practices, giving priority to transparency, ethical business management and adequate risk management.
  • Create and maintain a fluid and two-way communication with Stakeholders (clients, employees, collaborators, suppliers, partners and in general, with all its Stakeholders) to better understand their expectations and adapt the operation of the business efficiently to the satisfaction of them.
  • Promote and ensure compliance with the United Nations Global Compact.
  • Promote care for the safety and health of all the people who make up the company.
  • Support the training and development of the people who are part of the company.
  • Contribute to better management of natural resources and the environment, with efficiency, innovation, and effectiveness.


In relation to Sustainability

Arksur Planning is committed to respecting and defending current legislation in relation to the continuous improvement of the management of natural resources and the environment in general, contributing to sustainability. Therefore, it assumes the commitment of a rational use of energy resources and raw materials, as well as of pollution prevention and optimization of waste management, working on the dissemination, promotion, and awareness of the application of good environmental practices and use of recycled materials among its Stakeholders.

In relation to Human Rights and Employees

Arksur Planning undertakes to respect human and labour rights recognized in national and international legislation, rejecting child, and forced labour, as well as respecting freedom of association and collective bargaining.
Recruit, select and retain talent under the framework of equal opportunities and non-discrimination based on ideology, sex, religion, race, or sexual orientation, facilitating integration measures for disadvantaged groups and reconciliation of personal and family life.
We work rigorously, we promote the training and qualification of workers, promoting innovation and teamwork, and ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.

In relation to Clients and Partners

Honesty, loyalty, transparency, and professionalism constitute the basis with which Arksur Planning is committed to its Stakeholders.

Arksur Planning is aware of the importance of having satisfied clients for the services provided, therefore it adopts the necessary measures to guarantee the confidentiality of its customers’ data and to pursue the continuous improvement of the quality of the activities and services that develops.

In relation to the Society and Local Community

Arksur Planning has an international presence, and that is why its principles of corporate social responsibility are harmonized in the different countries in which it operates.