About This Project


The objective of this project for the construction of a new health complex in the area of Hlaing Thar Yar Township in Yangon is to mitigate the existing deficiencies in the health field providing essential maternal and child health services and interventions against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria to those most in need. For this purpose and considering the limitations imposed by the financial and human resources available to improve the health situation, two buildings with two levels each have been designed. The Disease Control Complex has a functional program that responds to the treatment of communicable diseases. The Public Health Complex has the services of an urban health center, including the treatment of non-communicable diseases and nutritional care. A connecting bridge linking the two buildings has been designed upstairs.


With a total area of 1,550 m2 on a 3,300 m2 plot, the buildings are planned with a connecting bridge on the upper floor to guarantee accessibility and functionality.