About This Project


The New Hospital is located in the Northeast of the city of Laâyoune, on the outskirts of the urban center of the city, next to the Boulevard Med Ibn Kaab.


The climatic aspects of the area are especially significant, due to their impact on the construction itself, on the efficiency from the energy point of view and the comfort of the occupants. Therefore, it is worth mentioning the need to consider at the design level aspects of special relevance derived from the Saharan climate of the site, such as hot summers, cold winters, and low rainfall, as well as the exposure of the place to sandstorms and strong wind gusts. For all these reasons, the Hospital is conceived as a closed building protected from adverse weather conditions, although in order to provide the construction with natural light, it has been planed the use of interior patios, some of them covered. In this way, the lighting needs are solved without penalizing direct sun exposure.


These climatic reasons also motivate the configuration of the orientation of the hospitalization areas. The windows of the rooms have been turned over the patios in order to provide protection against the weather.


The projected Hospital Complex is made up of 4 buildings with different heights and uses that complement each other to group all the medical benefits and complementary services required by a Hospital like the one at hand.