About This Project


The Laayoune Medical School project pays particular attention to landscaping and the environment. For the design of the building, a comb-shaped construction is proposed, where the sections are designed as dunes in height, creating elevations with smooth lines in contrast to the horizontality of the territory.


Each of the sections compiles the complete program requested according to the specific needs of each use (classrooms, library, laboratories, research area, administration, offices, sports areas, cafeteria, etc.). Therefore, each building has its own configuration connected to a large public corridor. This configuration allows a possible future expansion of the building. Special attention is paid to green areas and gardens, favoring the creation of shady areas and recreation areas for students. Therefore, in the plot two differentiated areas can be distinguished:


– Open free spaces, designed like a tree garden, more related to the arid landscape of the region and the surroundings of the city. In the choice of species, low maintenance and low water consumption have prevailed, as well as the ability to adapt to the place. The use of the most climate-resilient indigenous species has also been chosen, resistant to the ravages of wind and droughts.


– Inner courtyard, directly linked to the tranquility of the building and treated following the Muslim tradition of this architectural piece. In the treatment of the patios, we seek the contribution of natural lighting and carrying out vegetable garden landscape, which allows a sober and contemplative appreciation of a diversified nature, according to various themes.