ARKSUR PLANNING is a company dedicated to the Design and management of spaces and equipment for health, educational and other buildings, including residential and non-residential. Development of projects, consultancy services and supervision of construction works.

As a company aware of the importance of prioritizing the concepts of Quality, Environment, and client service to guarantee the competitiveness and growth of our organization, we have carried out this Policy, with the following maxims to be fulfilled within our company:

  • Our Clients are our main priority, and we struggle every day to achieve their satisfaction by adapting our services to their needs.
  • Comply with all the requirements imposed by our clients, as well as all those of a legal nature and other applicable requirements in the field of quality and service that were required of us.
  • Feedback is maintained with clients for the continuous improvement of our processes.
  • Involve, motivate, and commit all staff to get involved in the company, as well as their training, motivation, and communication.
  • Our high demand when choosing our suppliers make they provide us with the highest guarantee services.
  • Comply with all local, national, and European environmental and health and safety legislation and regulations that affect us, as well as other requirements that are subscribed with the stakeholders.
  • Adopt measures to reduce and prevent environmental impacts because of our own activities and those of suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Conscientiously evaluate the risks of the Company, analyzing the possible risks of the company, analyzing the possible risks of every one of the processes of the organization, anticipating and avoiding in this way deviations, making the appropriate decisions to minimize possible nonconformities.
  • Guarantee continuous improvement, maintaining the System in an efficient and effective way to verify the commitment with clients, seeking a better internal organization of work.
  • Prevent damage and deterioration of health in the actions resulting from the activities and facilities, as well as in those of our suppliers and clients in the areas of relationship they sustain, establishing the necessary prevention programs and promoting actions that lead to the improve working conditions and minimize accidents.

Our Quality and Environmental Policy is in constant evolution, so it is reviewed for its continuous adaptation, being always a framework of the objectives defined by the Organization.