The main idea of silent and multidisciplinary courtyard organizes the new Hospital Averroes de Cordoba. The hospital is a four-storey building with built area approximately of 5,800 sq m with 110 rooms for individuality hospitalization, as well as areas for Emergency, Rehabilitation, Imaging, Surgical Area, Day Hospital, Neonates, External Consultations, Dialysis and Radiology among others.
The Hospital Averroes is located in an area of expansion of the city of Cordoba, in a plot of social-sanitary community equipment. It is a project that will complete and improve the healthcare resources of Cordoba.
In the heart of the Hospital is projected an inner courtyard around which are distributed the various dependencies of the hospital. In its design, vegetation and noble materials are used. It is a space almost closed and without traffic, to provide calm to the users of the Center.
The hospitalization rooms of the HAC will have the necessary characteristics to achieve patient comfort. Its design and materials seek the quality of spaces. The bathrooms will be adapted for people with disabilities and will have a complete equipment. The design and the materials used in its interior will achieve its greater functionality and cleanliness. The operating rooms and the
delivery room of the HAC will have all the necessary equipment and latest technology. Its design and the materials used will achieve its greater functionality and durability.
The HAC will have a large and functional main vestibule, making the distribution of the hospital revolve around the project idea of the Main Courtyard. It will also have wide and functional distribution spaces that colour the different floors of the Center, in order to improve the orientation of patients, doctors and other users.