In order to carry out the quality control of water for human consumption in Malabo (Equatorial Guinea), the construction of a laboratory building will be carried out, which will develop as a main activity the control of the physical-chemical, microbiological and organic pollutants characteristics of water, sampling surface water, groundwater and urban and industrial waste.
These activities will be complemented by research programs. The proposed building has three floors of height and is based on a rectangular shaped plot with landscaped areas and parking area. The following key features are worthy of mention: 18 multipurpose laboratories, 21 work rooms7 offices and auditorium. The building is accessible to people with disabilities.The building has three floors high communicated with each other through two stairwells and elevators/forklifts.In the ground floor is located the main access of the building, as well as a service entrance for reception of samples.

At the construction level, a structural system based on reinforced concrete columns and slabs have been chosen; avoiding chops that could interfere with the installations.The glazed façades are solved with a curtain wall, which covers the need for natural light.