The new Oncological Hospital in Basrah, is developed with a built surface of 28,000 sq m and a capacity of 400 beds.
The technological design and the equipment of this new Oncological Hospital will cover the needs of the population of Basrah.
The Basrah hospital, located in the city with the same name, in Iraq, offers the patients a wide range of high quality medical services. The hospital is equipped with state-of- the-art medical equipment.
For the façade there were chosen three important materials: glass curtain walls of different coloured opacities and solar control, ceramic cladding and the metal perforated sheet.
For the interiors, it has been paid special attention to the durability of the materials and their suitability for use in hospitals. The main materials provided for the floor covering one terrazzo and PVC in toilets, operating rooms, delivery rooms and intervention rooms. The walls are made of different materials, such as phenolic panels and bed protectors over them for corridors; glass fibre painted for consulting rooms and hospital rooms; vinyl paper for operating and intervention rooms; and PVC sheets from the floor to ceiling for toilets.