The new hospital is placed in Anbar Governorate, the largest province of Iraq, on the West side of the country.
The region’s geography is a combination of steppe and desert, with a desert climate, low rainfall and a large variation in temperature between day and night.
In order to respond to the needs of the client, the Ministry of Health of Iraq, proposes the development of a General Hospital for 100 beds, with a total built area of ​​18,300 sq m on a plot of 53,500 sq m. The building also has a residence for medical staff with 40 rooms and an area of ​​2,000 sq m.
The building has seven floors. The first two levels correspond to the hospital itself. On this base stands a five floors tower, which is residence staff.
All industrial and service areas have been located in a separate building developed on a single floor level with easy vehicle access for delivery of supplies and waste removal. Communication circuits to the main building have been resolved through a gallery.
For the exterior of the building has been proposed a ventilated ceramic façade that protects from the weather. The courtyards have been solved with a glass curtain wall that covers the need for natural light.
The flow lines of patients, visitors, staff and services are clearly differentiated, avoiding inappropriate crossings that could affect the well-functioning of the hospital.