Nowadays laboratories are highly competitive technological and business centers, so an efficient design is critical for optimum streamlining processes, and for achieving lower costs.

More than 10 years of experience

For more than ten years, our experience has developed an important qualitative and quantitative growth. Lab planners team provides design and project management services with the quality, safety and functionality needed, obtaining an efficient product capable of optimizing the research and scientific productivity.

Real needs and expectations

To do this the team performs data collection and determines the set of needs and expectations. Projects the laboratory, intervening in the provision of efficient facilities, specific equipment and furniture. Plans and coordinates the project, the work and operation of the building, supports in interactive meetings of work between the different interveners.

Laboratories willing of developing current and future research

We design dynamic, flexible and with exclusive identity laboratories, capable of developing the current and future research with the aim to promote the scientific interaction and the teamwork. We believe in innovative solutions, allowing its easy transformation with the minimal economic repercussion and of the activity, and considering at the same time environmental aspects and the sustainable use of the resources.