In the field of consultancy, our services cover the following key areas:

  • Technical assistance during work’s execution.
  • Consultancy in national and international tenders.
  • Study and review of technical proposals, measurements and budgets.

In each of them, we take care of and provide the following features:

  • Project development at all levels.
  • Analysis of the needs and client’s expectations.
  • Project planning activities and defining milestones from inception, achieving optimal control of deadlines, costs and quality; setting deadlines for decision-making at all levels. For a perfectly coordinated architecture, engineering, installation of furniture and equipment.
  • Coordination of all actors involved in the project.
  • Extensive  and experience and expertise of the technical team.
  • Consideration of energy efficiency strategies and sustainability.
  • Flexible solutions for easy adaptation to possible future changes.
  • Loyalty to our customers.
  • Management of commissioning at technical and administrative level.
  • Evaluation and monitoring of results.
  • Conception of the project as a whole.