ARKSUR PLANNING provides comprehensive planning services in the development process, which includes the following areas:

– Architecture

The project seeks a balance between design and functionality, responding to customer needs.

– Engineering

The facilities in a building of this nature are so important, they are the actually key to offering comfort for the users. It is essential to fulfil the function for which they were designed, being reliable, durable and easy to maintain.

– Lab Planning

The importance of the technical and technological equipment of these buildings, requires paying attention properly planned by qualified personnel. A satisfactory commissioning of the building depends on the good coordination and implementation planning of the construction, facilities and equipment.

– Consultancy services

We provide technical assistance during the execution of construction works, consultancy services in national and international tenders, studies and review of offers, measurements and budgets, etc.

– Project Management and Project Advice

The development of the work adapts to the complexity of every project, coordinating all agents involved in the project, to obtain perfect economic control, project time-frame and quality.

– Technical assistance during the exploitation of the building

The daily operation of the center requires a fast technical response to adapt to new functional and technological needs that arise throughout the building’s lifecicle. Thus, we have the necessary means to develop adjustment or extensions as required by the project.