ARKSUR  PLANNING is a company specialising in architecture and engineering in singular buildings, mainly in the health and educational sector.Our activity includes consultancy services, architecture and engineering project development and lab planning. We carry out the project from its initial conception to commissioning, equipping and furnishing.

We adapt to your needs

We adapt to customer needs and the size of the project, to cover the development of new centers, extensions and renovations.

Quality Certifications

ARKSUR PLANNING has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications that demonstrate its commitment to quality and respect for the environment.

A singular and competitive service

Our objective is to offer a unique and competitive service adapted to the guidelines set by our clients, using technological solutions and economic resources.

ARKSUR PLANNING dispone de un equipo multidisciplinar formado por arquitectos, ingenieros, arquitectos técnicos y lab planners con una experiencia de más de 15 años, contando además con la colaboración de empresas especializadas. Su alta cualificación y el compromiso con su trabajo avalan la calidad de nuestros servicios y el máximo grado de satisfacción del cliente. Los responsables de las áreas principales son:

Carmen Pérez Pérez

Lab Planning Manager


Teléfono: +34 670 856 248

Skype: cperezarksur

Jose Manuel López Zarco

Project Manager PMP


Teléfono: +34 615 95 26 35 

Skype: jmlzarco

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Data of interest

The Corporate Social Responsibility of ARKSUR PLANNING, S.L. is based on the global management of the potential impact caused by the company’s activities, and it is set around the following principles:

  • Promoting corporate governance best practices, prioritizing transparency and ethical management in business, as well as an adequate risk management.
  • Creating and maintaining an open and bidirectional communication channel with Interest Groups (clients, workers, collaborators, suppliers and associates) in order to know their expectations and to adapt business processes in an efficient and satisfactory way.
  • Promoting and ensuring compliance with the United Nation’s Global Compact.
  • Promoting the care and health safety of all workers within the company.
  • Supporting training and personal development of all workers within the company.
  • Contributing to a better management of natural resources and the environment, through efficiency, innovation and efficacy.

The basic principles of ARKSUR PLANNING regarding different aspects of corporate social responsibility are described bellow:


ARKSUR PLANNING is committed to upholding the law in relation to the continuous improvement of the management of natural resources and the environment in general, contributing to sustainability. To this end, it is committed to the rational use of energy resources and raw materials, as well as pollution prevention and optimization of waste management measures, working on the dissemination, promotion and awareness of the implementation of good environmental practices and use recycled materials among its stakeholders.


Human Rights and Employees’ Rights

ARKSUR PLANNING is committed to upholding human and labor rights, as recognized in national and international Treaties, is in total opposition to child and forced labor, and is fully committed to respecting freedom of association and collective bargaining. Recruiting, selecting and hiring of talent in-company is carried out within the framework of equal opportunities and non-discrimination on grounds of ideology, gender, religion, race or sexual orientation, facilitating integration measures for disadvantaged groups and reconciling personal and family life. We work with rigor, we promote the ongoing training and qualification of workers, encouraging innovation and teamwork, and ensuring a safe and healthy workplace environment.

Clients and Associates

Honesty, loyalty, transparency and professionalism are the basis on which ARKSUR PLANNING sets its commitment towards its groups of interest. ARKSUR PLANNING is aware of the importance of having satisfied customers after rending services, so necessary measures are taken to ensure the confidentiality of customer’s data and pursue the continuous improvement of the quality of activities and services the company develops.

Society and Local Communities

In the execution of international services, ARKSUR PLANNING harmonizes its own CSR principles with those of the country it operates in, at any given time.

Quality Certifications ISO